Insurance Policy

Please give us a call to check for the different insurances accepted by Grey Dove Counseling. If your insurance is not accepted, then let us discuss a payment plan for therapy.


Rates for Services

Individual Therapy: $125

Family Therapy: $125

Couple's Therapy: $150

Group Therapy: $40

Sliding Scale: Pricing to be discussed with your therapist.

Remember, your life is worth living. Do not allow pricing to stop you from receiving the therapy needed to heal and have a chance at living the life you want. We are willing to meet you where you are.



Services Explained

Individual Therapy

This is the one on one time you spend with your therapist to discuss your concerns, problems, and worries. You unpack those incidences and experiences that causes setbacks and stops you from living a life worth living.

Family Therapy and Couple's Therapy

To be updated

Group Therapy

To be updated